The House course

What is The House?

The House is a course in holiness run by local churches, using free resources available online.


The course features seven sessions, each with a filmed 20-minute talk and a small group guide. In each session you will explore some practical way you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit, so he can change you.


The goal of the course is to help people grow with God. And live more like Jesus.


Who is The House for?

The course was designed to help followers of Jesus. However, people still looking into Jesus have also found it helpful.


The course is for many nations. It is suitable for all, including people who speak English as a second language.

What are the talks about?

Session 1

Ask Jesus to bring in his furniture. Christlikeness, and how to invite Jesus to bring in his nature.


Session 2

Boldly make new paths and ruin old paths. How to change your habitual ways.


Session 3

Sit down with Jesus. How to spend time with Jesus order to grow more like him.


Session 4

Turn on the lights of love. How to become a person with more love.


Session 5

Change the conversation. How changing our talk can change our life.


Session 6

Take out the old garbage. How to repent, and be changed.


Session 7

Give God the keys. How to surrender everything to God.

Who is the teacher?
Session Two_Moment.jpg
Peter Farthing

Peter has taught in many locations, including Booth College, Sydney. His background of 12 years in counselling helps him understand the struggles people face. His experience teaching in 10 nations helps him be clear and down-to-earth.


Peter wrote and co-produced the award-winning documentary, Our People. He wrote 1865: The Year that Made The Salvation Army and edited Brengle for Today: The Best of Samuel Logan Brengle in Today's English.